2021 Rebuild Phase I SUCCESS!

2021 was the year of planning, fund raising, and preparation as we began to rebuild our Vida McKenzie Community Center.  Great progress was made and the groundwork is now in place to begin the Construction Phase in 2022.  We’ve documented the processes and results here on our website.  Take a Look!

Architect Jesse Elliott and Project Manager Craig Gustfson moved our re-build from a vision to a reality.  Jessie worked and re-worked the re-build plan after interacting with club members and the public at a couple of open house sessions and after the demolition work was complete.  Further work was required as unanticipated issues emerged –water and septic, driveway reconfiguration, retaining walls, results of site wrecking, cost estimate management, site engineering, etc.  Everything is now in place to finalize plans for the reconstruction.  Craig coordinated work progress and updated the Board monthly.  In December Dorman Construction was selected as General Contractor for the project. 

Follow the progress of rebuild success by picking the “Project Management” tab

A big SHOUT OUT to Gerry Aster and Tammy Pelton for the OUTSTANDING Fund Raising efforts!  They quietly accomplished what many doubted.  They found the funds to move the project from a dream to buildable.  An unbelievable effort!  We now have the financial backing to actually construct our new VMCC. 

But – We are not done with the need for more financial support.  Internal furnishings, landscaping, AV system, kitchen appliances and utensils, signage, and many other items still need to be procured.  Please support this need as fundraising efforts continue in 2022.

Follow the progress of fundraising success by picking the “Funding Results” tab

Thanks to the passion of VMCC President Walter Wilson, the history of 2021 was captured in photos and videos.  Walter participated in several news events covered in both Eugene and Portland.  His efforts were also documented in the River Reflections newspaper.

Follow the continued documentation of VMCC history by picking the “History” tab

Our “BLOG” (web log) calls significant VMCC highlights, activities and events to your attention as they happen.  It is our line of communication with YOU!  Click on the headlines to get more information on any posting.  You will find our BLOG on the “Re-Build News!” tab.  If you have not already done so, please subscribe to the BLOG to receive email notices when news items are posted.  Just scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your email address – that’s it!!

Follow the web BLOG by picking the “Re-Build News” Tab

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