Re-Build Funding

We are on the way to REBUILD Success!! Thanks to ALL who have contributed to the effort!

A SPECIAL THANKS to our FUNDRAISING CHAMPIONS Gerry Aster and Tammy Pelton for the effort they have put into organizing and coordinating funding programs.


API Products; Paint and Supplies
$ 5,000 In-Kind)
Comfort Flow Heating ($ Pending In-Kind)
Cascade Title ($ 2,000 In-Kind)
Craig Gustafson Project Management ($20,000 In-Kind)
Bill Alverado Custom Front Door
($ 3,000 In-Kind)
Bill Amstead Site Survey ($1,446 In-Kind)
Ben Rhode Custom Interior Doors
($ 3,000 In-Kind)
Zack Metal Removal ($ 1,500 In-Kind)
Northwest Youth Corps ($ 1,000 In-Kind)
Labor from Journeyman Roofer
($2,000 In-Kind)
Rob’s Brush and Burn ($ 315 In-Kind)
Craig Gustafson Easement Permits
($ 836 In-Kind)
Labor from Habitat for Humanity (In-Kind)
Website Maintenance ($100 In-Kind)
JKN Engineering ($10,000 In-Kind)
ACL Construction ($200 Cash)
McKenzie Locals Helping Locals ($500 Cash)
Federated Insurance ($250 Cash)
Organic Redneck Farm ($50 In-Kind)
East Lane Veterinary ($200 In-Kind)
Walterville Grange ($500 Cash)
McKenzie Meals on Wheels
($200 Cash)
ButterBraid Fund Raisers
($1,720 Cash)
Fire Rummage Sale ($3,245 Cash)
Drive-Thru Bingo ($ 2,970 Cash)
Bullfrog ($100 Cash)
Herrick Farms ($250 Cash)
Adoptions Northwest ($200 Cash)
A&E Imaging ($250 Cash)
McKenzie Bottle Boys ($8,960 Cash)
Patsy’s Stage Stop Fish Fry
($1,840 Cash)
Insurance ($158,919 Cash)
Holiday Bazaar ($1,400 Cash)
Valentine Dinner ($1,500 Cash) 
Henry Cooper Trio ($400 Cash)
Locals Helping Locals ($27,775 Cash)
2022 VMCC Craft Faire ($800 Cash)
Caddisfly Concerts ($3,500 Cash)
McKenzie Fire&Rescue ($3,000 Cash)

State Representative Cedric Hayden
($240,000 Grant/Pledge)
State Senator Floyd Prozanski
($240,000 Grant/Pledge)
Oregon Community Foundation
($75,000 Grant/Pledge)
Weyehauser ($15,000 Grant/Pledge)
McKenzie Fire & Rescue
($1,500 Grant/Pledge)
EWEB ($300 Grant/Pledge)
Oregon Community Credit Union
($10,000 Grant/Pledge)
Chambers Foundation
($13,000 Grant/Pledge)
The Autzen Foundation
($10,000 Grant/Pledge)
Lane County Commissioner Heather Buch ($5,000 Grant/Pledge)
McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce ($2,500 Grant/Pledge)
Jaqueline Giustina Foundation
($20,000 Grant/Pledge)
Late Bloomers Garden Club
($ 500 Grant/Pledge)
Springfield Chamber of Commerce
($ 500 Grant/Pledge)
Springfield Rotary/Jerry’s
($1,000 Grant/Pledge)
Ford Family Foundation
($5,000 Grant/Pledge)
Eugene Lyon’s Club ($3,500 Grant/Pledge)
Ford Family Foundation ($250,000 Grant) 

PLUS:  122 Personal Donations! ($67,656 Cash)

Do You Have a Skill or Material that you would like to donate?
Please contact Tammy at 951-970-0176

Published Date January 5, 2022

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