Gerry Does It Again!! $250K from the Ford Family Foundation

Once again Gerry Aster has demonstrated her passion for re-building our Vida McKenzie Community Center.  On February 10, Gerry reported the success of her application to the Ford Family Foundation for a Grant of $250,000!!  This pretty much assures that we’ll get a shovel in the ground before summer.  Architect Jesse Elliott is nearing completion of documents necessary to begin the permit process with Lane County. 

Gerry wants all members and friends to know that the funding effort for our re-build is not over.  There are lots of additional expenses to be covered in addition to operating costs.  We’ll need to furnish the kitchen, replace tables and chairs, purchase an audio-visual system, acquire inside furnishings, replace our bbq and outside furniture, buy a new bingo board, and the list goes on.  So—Please continue to support our re-build effort at every opportunity!

Congratulations and Thanks to Gerry Aster for her fundraising successes!!


1 thought on “Gerry Does It Again!! $250K from the Ford Family Foundation

  1. I am humbled about by your praise

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