2022 VMCC Craft Faire another successful Fund Raiser!

Even with less than expected attendance, there was lots to see from the crafters at the McKenzie Valley Presbyterian Church in Walterville. Our unstoppable fund raising team of Walter Wilson, Gerry Aster, Tammy Pelton, Sherry Jones, and Billy Pruitt, worked the event that day.  Tasty food was prepared by Billy Pruitt and served by the team.  Thanks for your dedicated efforts!

In a surprise presentation, the McKenzie Valley Bottle Boys presented the VMCC with a $1,000 rebuild donation. This was not the first for the Bottle Boys. To-date they have returned bottles and cans enough to gift the VMCC rebuild effort over $9,000!!

We extend our appreciation to the McKenzie Valley Presbyterian Church, the McKenzie Valley Bottle Boys, the participating crafters and our Fund Raising Team for their support of the Craft Faire.

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