Board Sets 2023 VMCC Rental Rates

In hopeful anticipation of an operational Community Center this fall, the Board has established rental rates for the Center for 2023.  These rates are only for 2023, and will be adjusted for 2024 after the trial period.  To inquire about rental opportunities, please contact Walter Wilson (541-521-5900 or or use the “Contact Us” tab on our Website.

Rental Options…………………….Member*         Non-Member               Non-Profits

Hourly (up to 3 hrs.)               $35.00/hr.        $50.00/hr.                    $25.00/hr.

Full Day                                  $125.00/day    $300.00/day                $75.00/day

Kitchen (full use)**                $50.00             $50.00                         $50.00

Deposit (refundable)               $100.00           $100.00                       $100.00

*Membership in place for 6 months

**Light use of kitchen (make coffee, cool soft drinks in cooler) at no cost

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