Second Saturday BINGO

2nd Saturday of every month.  Doors open at 6pm, games begin at 7pm.  It’s time for another FAMILY FUN night of BINGO.  Same ole fun games, just a different (temporary) location.  So instead of calling it Bingo at the Center, it will have to be…. Bingo at the Church thanks to the good folks at the Presbyterian Church in Walterville, on McKenzie Hwy just east of the Walterville Post Office.

Our menu of food service will continue to remain:  Hotdogs, Chili and Kraut dogs, Bowl of Chili, Pie, Cake, Coffee, Tea, Soda’s, Bottle Water are the menu items.  Soups and special food dishes are always nightly specials.

We will play 20 games.  Buy-in for the fundraiser is 2 cards for $5.00.  You may buy and play as many cards as you can handle.  There will be a break after game #10.  Raffle tickets will be sold to win a nice basket of goodies or whatever the prize is for the month.  The winner of the raffle will be drawn prior to starting game #11.

There will be a special “Bonus Ball” game with a chance to will $50.00.  If there is no winner of the Bonus Ball game the amount will be carried forward to the next month and more money will be added to it.   The Black Out (#20) game starts out at $75.00 if you cover your card in 54 numbers of less, with the 55th number the winner receives $50.00.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone.  Come early, join the fun.

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