We are still working on this page.  Come back soon to see the McKenzie High School names of the students who received scholarship awards.

2017 Vern Blumhagen Memorial In-College Freshman Scholarship Information
2017 Vida McKenzie Community Center Scholarship Information

Previous Scholarship Awards

2016 Tamera Satchell
2016 Elana Gilliam
2015 Tamera Satchell
2014 Bailey Adams
2012 Brittany Cline
2012 Sarah Sherman
2011 Anthony Georgio
2011 Christine Hanchett
2010 Michael Sherman
2010 Jennifer Hanchett
2009 Kaili Swetland
2009 Andrew Harbick
2008 Zach Nastasuik
2007 Kathy Morris
2005 Kyle Sherman

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