Project Schedule


At the August 4 VMCC Board Meeting Project Manager Craig Gustafson delivered the long awaited ReBuild schedule for the project.  Construction starts the week of August 8. Completion by year end is the current target!   

Craig reminds us that all questions or issues concerning the schedule or the work to be done must be directed to him.  Please do not create confusion by interacting with individual contractors on schedules or work details. 

A word about the schedule timeline.  Project managers scope a project considering optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic constraints.  This schedule should be considered “realistic”.  However, things happen that could cause individual tasks or an entire project to shift a bit.  While we hope this doesn’t occur, if significant revisions impact the project, an adjusted schedule will be issued.  Note the version date at the bottom of the timeline pages to ensure you’ve got the latest.

Click the Vision to view the current Project Timeline!

Current Version: Version 1 – 8.7.22

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