Current Project Activity

JULY 2021

  • December 2020, a Preliminary Title Report on the VMCC property was prepared by Cascade Title Company.
  • January 2021, a topographical survey of the VMCC property was completed by WJ Eimstad Co. The survey revealed that Lane County had constructed the masonry restrooms at Helfrich Landing that 100% encroached on the VMCC property.

The Preliminary Title Report (PTR) confirmed that Lane County did not have an Encroachment Agreement or an Easement from VMCC to build or operate the restrooms.

The well and waterline that is the water source for the VMCC building is on the Lane County Helfrich Landing property. The existing waterline was located and marked out. The waterline travels across the Helfrich Landing asphalt area and then up to the VMCC building.

The PTR shows an easement for the well and waterline recorded in 1950 in favor of the prior owner of the VMCC property, The McKenzie River Club. However, the easement document states that if the McKenzie River Club ever sold the property that the easement would terminate. The McKenzie River Club sold the property to the VMCC in 2001.

Craig contacted the Lane County Land Use Division Manager and made the following proposal: VMCC will grant an easement to Lane County for the use of the restroom building in exchange for Lane County granting a new easement in favor of VMCC for the well, waterline and electrical conduit to run the well.

Lane County accepted the proposal and the documents have been prepared and are out for signature and recording.

  • The existing septic tank has been located, pumped and inspected. The tank system has failed. A new septic tank and drain field system will have to be installed. We are in discussions with local septic tank system contractors for a new system.
  • Craig is monitoring the completion of the Step 2 cleanup of the VMCC site by the State of Oregon. As soon as Step 2 is completed the State will issue certificate to the VMCC that the property and soil is hazardous material free and the site is ready for rebuilding.
  • The project architect, Jesse Elliot of Voussoir Architecture has been authorized to proceed with Design Development and Construction Documents for the new building. When the plans are complete they will be submitted to the Lane County Building Department to obtain the building and engineering permits.

Demolition Day
July 30, 2021
Recovering the Time Capsule

Walls Down — Awaiting Site Cleanup
August 12, 2021

SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

August 2021 Project Update

1.  Septic System
Royal Flush will perform soil percolation tests to finalize location of the new septic tank.  The new tank system application will be submitted to Lane County.  The actual cost or donation of the new system will be negotiated with Royal Flush and Best Septic companies after details are formalized.

2.  Geotech Consultant – Earth Engineers, Inc.
Soil testing for the new foundation will be required.  Test pits will be dug and testing is scheduled for September.  Kruse Excavating will work with the Geotech engineer to dig test pits.

3.  Site Cleared
The ODOT contractor has completed all demolition and site clearing work.  The original septic tank will be filled and decommissioned.  Currently awaiting results of hazardous material soil testing and State of Oregon clearance to rebuild.

4.  Site Layout
The surveyor will stake the new building corners.

5.  Landscaping
Landscape Designer Bill Robinson of Daichi Landscape is working on the landscape design for the property.  A proposal is expected soon.

6.  Propane Backup Generator System
An on-site meeting will be scheduled for September to establish plans for an auto-start backup generator system and a buried propane tank to serve the generator and gas needs for the new building.

7.  Well Easement and Restroom Easement
Documents are expected to be approved by the Lane County Commissioners at their September 21 board meeting.


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