Valentine Dinner — A HUGE Success!!


Words from President Walter Wilson—

Supporting this event (and I probably forgot more than I remember): Gerry, Kim and Bill and two friends, Ann, Amber and Brian, Sunshine Seitz, myself and ……

Thank you Gerry for the hours of setting up the room and cooking, Kim for getting food donated and your 6am to 5pm culinary skills.  Ann for desserts that looked as good as they tasted and for selling raffle tickets. Amber not only put the flowers to the tables but also along with husband Brian and Sunshine served to the food to everyone. Bill kept the music going and the greeter/money taker job fell to me.

Everyone expressed happiness with our chefs, and kitchen helpers.  There were many comments on how nice the room looked; very festive; loved the flowers on each of the tables. The Emerald Ring Quartet was a great addition and added a special little touch for everyone.

Thanks to all who attended and enjoyed the event AND special thanks to those who donated their time and efforts to make this such a wonderful evening!

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