SO—What’s Happening with our Rebuild Project??

It’s time for a quick progress update.  If you look at the site, everything looks the same – no change.  BUT – THINGS ARE HAPPENNING. 

1.  Take a look at our Funding Tab.  Thanks to the efforts of Gerry Aster and Tammy Pelton, and a few others, we’ve collected enough cash donations, grants, and pledges to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Fund raising has now turned to building an Operational Fund to help supplement dues and other contributions in support of our soon to be Vida McKenzie Community Center! 

2.  On the Architectural front, Jesse Elliott reports the following:

I am hopeful that in a week we’ll know more. Right now the budgeting process (aka “buyout”) is underway by Dorman with the various contractors and per Craig’s guidance. When that completes we’ll be in need of a permit to break ground. 

On the permit front, I have only heard the County commercial plans examiner is busy but getting close to ours. The Dept of State Lands is who will make the “wetland” determination, and set this week as the outer end of the range for their visit. With any luck both will clear up next week just in time for some final numbers from Dorman and we can pick a date for breaking ground.

3.  Our Project Manager Craig Gustafson is actively working to complete preparation activities.  Here is what he has to say:

The existing gravel driveway is approximately only 7 feet wide. The new driveway has to be 14 feet wide and will require a retaining wall to support the new driveway. I have met with the adjacent property owner on who’s property the existing and new driveway is on. We are currently working on an easement and improvement agreement that will allow the VMCC to build and maintain the new driveway and retaining wall.

Our General Contractor, Dorman Construction, and myself are in the middle of the “Buyout Phase” for all of the components for the construction of the project.

All of this is REALLY GOOD NEWS!!  Thanks for both Jesse and Craig for their commitment to our project success.  Stand By – Soon we’ll be sticking the golden shovel into the ground!

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